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Group therapy
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Trauma-informed and Restorative Therapists and Facilitators

We all are the sum total of our experiences, positive and negative. It is through our experiences
with people, from as far back as in-utero that we begin to make meaning of the world and build a
mental model/internal working model within our brain, mind, soul and body of how we see/view
the world (people) and either react or respond to them.

Our Services

Please have a look below at all the services that Designed to Connect has to offer.

Our Vision

Creating a world where the importance of  a regulated nervous system and nurturing safe connections for healthy human development and healing of trauma, is understood, embraced and practised.

Individual Therapy

Personal one hour session in person or over zoom. ​

Couple / Family Therapy

Couple/family one hour session in person or over zoom.​

Safe Circles

One hour session in person. A circle is a structure for deep conversation and wise outcome. ​

Training Workshops

Multi-day workshops presented in person. Material provided.

Information Workshops, Webinars and Talks

One to Three hour sessions, in person. Various topics can be chosen from.

Upcoming Events

Join an information workshop, webinar or training seminar coming up near you.

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