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Trauma is often the loss of identity which was imbedded in either false beliefs or someone else. As a therapist once the client is ready, we go on a journey of discovery of who you really are, without the other person or the relationship which you saw as your identity. Hence a therapeutic process is not all dark and gloom and painful. It is also a period of compassionate inquiry and discovery into yourself and allowing you the process of becoming powerful, without others filling a void.


Individual Therapy

1hour sessions at R600 per session (in person or zoom). 4 sessions at R1,600 (to be paid upfront)

  • Helping you  recognize your relational patterns, heal from the past and create your authentic self

  • Helping you through grief process whether death, divorce or other adverse events that took place

  • Helping you identify trauma and belief system which developed from abuse and guide you through the processing

  • Helping you through the stress cycle which was created by events such as abduction, human trafficking or any other form of control and regain your sense of control

  • Help you through co-regulation to regulate yourself, establish boundaries, become powerful and recognizes your choices.

Individual Therapy

Couple / Family Therapy

1hour sessions at R850 per session (in person).

  • Helping you as a couple to identify past relational patterns which hijack your ability to communicate effectively and enjoy a relationship of quality

  • Helping you as a family to identify the relational patterns which hijack effective communication, and how to create a safe space to change these destructive patterns.

Couple/Family Therapy
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Safe Circles / Staff Wellness

R1,500 per circle for an hour (in person).

At workplaces, educational facilities, organizations, families and communities, use the Circle Way process to gather groups of staff, learners, family members or community members, to debrief, listen attentively and allow every person to have a voice.  A circle is a structure for deep conversation and wise outcome.  It is where we learn to listen our way back to one another.

Safe Circles

Training Workshops

Training of groups on becoming a Trauma-Aware First Aider (in-person or zoom).

  • In-person Training (4 days): R4,500 per person.

  • Online Training (one evening/week for 8 weeks): R2,500 per person.

  • Non-Profits and Businesses in-person training (4 days): R6,500 per day per group.

  1. Trauma Aware First Responder (4 days)

Day 1 – Where does my behavior come from?

Day 2 – Befriending your nervous system.

Day 3 – Trauma Informed Care.

Day 4 – Toolkit to apply.


  2. The Art of Holding Space (6 days)

Day 1 and 2 – The Foundation of Holding Space.

Day 3 and 4 – Holding Space for Myself.

Day 5 and 6 – Circles in Holding Space.

  3. Trauma Responsive Educator (4 days)

Day 1 – Overview of the neurobiology of trauma and resilience.

Day 2 – Underneath and beyond behaviors: Language of child’s nervous system.

Day 3 – Safe and Predictable environments:  Sensory and Emotional Literacy.

Day 4 – Self care/Co-care.

Training Workshops
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Information Workshops, Webinars & Talks

R3,000 per talk or webinar.


  • Owning your own story

  • Normalising pain as part of healing

  • Nervous system friendly care for human trafficking victims

  • Befriending your nervous system

  • The link between trauma and addiction

  • Our brain and nervous system in a team setting

  • Collective trauma healing

  • The journey of Self

Workshops/Webinas & Talks

Supervision of Social Workers

R600 per hour.

Every social worker needs a supervisor for guidance, debriefing, and to assist with working within the ethical parameters of the profession. 

One can easily get overwhelmed by the magnitude and complexity of issues people face. I assist social workers to work within a boundary of self care and priorities.

Holding Hands
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